Raynaud's Tips from Patients

Author: Shelley Ensz. Scleroderma is highly variable. See Types of Scleroderma. Read Disclaimer
Warm Stuff


Use foam can holders, straw cup holders, or cup with handles for cold beverages.

Use Straws for all cold beverages (even juice and milk.)

Order drinks with "no ice"

Let cold drinks sit on the counter and come to room temperature before drinking or warm in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

Use oven mitts or regular mittens to take items in or out of the freezer.


Use only warm (not hot or cold) water when washing or rinsing dishes, or doing other housework.

Wear padded kitchen mitts while vacuuming, to reduce the vibration which may aggravate Raynaud's.

Hire someone to do all your heavy cleaning once a month (or more). It's often much cheaper than you'd think.


This is a tip on managing the discomfort experienced with Raynaud's in cold weather. Quite by accident, my husband noticed a considerable decrease in numbness and skin color changes in his hands after using a hand gripper for exercise. He uses this exerciser while watching TV, or while riding in the car or van at any time of the year, then as I mentioned earlier, in cooler or cold weather the Raynaud's symptoms seem to lessen. We hope this helps others. Floyd & Evelyn Brown

Don't even think about shoveling. Hire someone, or move to an apartment or condo—preferably one which is closer to the equator.

Keep a supply of mittens and hand heaters in the car, kitchen, garage (etc.) and in all your coat pockets.

Cold Feet? See if you can get what we used to call Moon Boots in a size too big. They will keep your feet warm and also help protect them from being bumped. Val E., R.N.

Don't let yourself get cold. Start with layers so you can remove and add with temperature changes.

Cover up you nose and mouth when outside in cold weather. This helps to warm the air you breathe so you can stay warm on the inside as well.

When sitting for any period of time, cover your lap and feet with a warm, cozy, lightweight blanket. For added warmth, let your cat lay on your feet or sit in your lap.

Warm Stuff

Heated Clothing Gerbing's Quality Heated Clothing.

Heatsock: Directions. For Making Microwavable Warming Bags. ISN.

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