Raynaud's: Improving Circulation

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Aerobic Exercise Helps Raynaud's
The Scleroderma Bath
Paraffin (Hot Wax) Treatments
Foods and Supplements

Aerobic Exercise Helps Raynaud's

Get as much aerobic exercise as you can safely tolerate.

The Scleroderma Bath

Take a warm (but not hot) bath for over 20 minutes each night, right before bed, as it improves the circulation.

The Scleroderma Bath Xeroxis by ISN.

Paraffin (Hot Wax) Treatments for Raynaud's

Use regular paraffin (hot wax) treatments for hands, but only under the guidance of a physical or occupational hand therapist and with the proper equipment, such as a Therabath unit, which can be prescribed by your doctor following training in its use by a hand therapist.

Use only physician-prescribed hot wax units, since using wax that is too hot will do damage to already delicate blood vessels. NEVER heat paraffin over the stove or in crock pots, as it can be very damaging at the wrong temperature.

Foods and Supplements

Scleroderma Food Guide. ISN

Supplement Guide for Systemic Scleroderma. ISN

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