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Kaleidoscope Dartboard by Shelley EnszHere's an array of great party items for use whenever you or a friend feel like properly groveling around in depression, anxiety, and general overall misery. Now please get real sad and cry, weep, moan and groan right along with us. Your tears are ALWAYS welcome here!

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Virtual Pity Party Dartboard
Submitted by Sylvia

A red and white dartboard, with a blank face in the middle, and a dart neatly going into the person's head.So you're feelin' down cuz somebody did you wrong?

Likely, their first name starts with "Doc" but it could also start with "Boss" or even "Ex"!

Makes no nevermind who done you wrong, just imagine their face on our Virtual Dartboard and throw some Virtual Darts at 'em.

In Loving Memory

Sylvia has passed away from complicatons of scleroderma. She was a moderator of SD World email list. (See Syl's Story.)

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