The World's First Virtual Pity Party

Kaleidoscope Dartboard by Shelley EnszHere's an array of great party items for use whenever you or a friend feel like properly groveling around in depression, anxiety, and general overall misery. Now please get real sad and cry, weep, moan and groan right along with us. Your tears are ALWAYS welcome here!

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Pity Party Mug by Don Alfera

For the Virtual Pity Party, I have to say, that once upon a time in a land far far away, a friend of mine gave me a gift as a result of my ability to feel compassion for those who felt like crying in their beer. When having a pity party everyone should bring their own cup because obviously the person hosting the party cannot be expected to think of other's needs. So I was given an engraved cup.

He took up a collection and gave me a present in front of all of my coworkers one day that made me laugh so hard that I just about died laughing. It was so much like something I would tell my students when they would tell me that change is hard or it is so hard to find a way to do things etc… It really struck home, as you see one of the things I was big on was to tell students that goal setting is the key to success and when a person is without goals they are lost. Lost people can flounder in life for an eternity. And so on… You get the picture.

~ Oh, Ain't It Awful ~

Well, the Puter mug was engraved "OH AIN'T IT AWFUL" on the side that faced the other person would be sitting with. Never again could I use that line or that cup especially when someone came to me with a problem. LOL What a life.

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