The World's First Virtual Pity Party

Kaleidoscope Dartboard by Shelley EnszHere's an array of great party items for use whenever you or a friend feel like properly groveling around in depression, anxiety, and general overall misery. Now please get real sad and cry, weep, moan and groan right along with us. Your tears are ALWAYS welcome here!

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Judy T's Pity Party Story
Medical Misadventures
Meditation for Depression
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Welcome to the World's First Virtual Pity Party!

Meet the Party Planners

The World's First Virtual Pity Party first began on 1-9-99. It's an ongoing party-in-progress so visit here anytime you want to grovel in sadness, misery, depression, self-pity, etc. so that you can do it along with us, in style, as misery sure does love company.

Everyone on earth is welcome at this party…if you're too happy for the party, simply play some of our mood music and practice our Meditation for Depression. In no time flat, you'll fit right in, unless you have a hopelessly happy spirit.


Anagrams See how many things your name can spell. Link submitted by Nolan LaTourelle.

Diagnosis Roulette Wheel Do your own faulty diagnosis, in the comfort of your own home! Idea submitted by Judy Y, wheel by Shelley Ensz.

Meditation for Depression If you're too happy for this party, this special meditation will help you get in the proper mood. By Lynn W., Pity Party Hypnotist.

Pity Party Slogans…suitable for writing on any bathroom wall. Sorry, virtual lipstick not included. Submitted by Karol Alfera.

Pity Party Supplies…this really kicked off our party in style! By Judy Y.

Virtual Dartboard…a blank-face dartboard, submitted by Sylvia.

Pity Party Review by Judy Y

Shelley, so I decided to check out the party, walked in and burst into hysterical laughter… Ed wanted to know what was so funny… I told him I was at a Pity Party… yup had the music going… he thinks the scleroderma's gone to our brains in more ways than brain fog…

Here's a thought, has it occurred to anybody else that any of our marvelous "docs" could check all this party stuff of ours and decide that their first diagnosis was correct—it's all in our heads and we really need to be "checked out at one of their special facilities"? Love to all. —Judy Y.

Pity Party Review by Lynn W

Oh my goodness, Shelley! I had no idea how much there is to do at the Virtual Pity Party…haven't been able to get in before now…LOL It's hysterical! Judy's pitiful story had me laughing, and I was invited to leave by the pity bouncers…would not even let me join Syl and Linda in the corner. Said something about laughter being worse than cheerful… How long before I can come back? Am I just suspended, or is this for life!!!! Boohoo (sniffling and rapidly becoming depressed enough to qualify for the pity party…honest!)

Beware fellow pity partiers: Lynn W was nearly suspended from the party for life, having had too much fun here. However, proper groveling and tears have brought her readmittance. But it was a close call, and should suffice as a warning to us all.

Meet Some of the Party Goers:

Don A. wishes we had some Virtual Viagra at this party. However all the women polled here said they'd rather have Virtual Chocolate instead.

Linda P. is banished to a corner of the party room with Sylvia, as she's incorrigibly funny and is ruining the depression for all the rest of us.

Judy T. is our Official Pity Party Cheerleader. See Judy's Story.

Judy Y. is our Official Pity Party Planning Coordinator, as she has brought more supplies to the party than anyone else, so far.

Lynn W. is the Official Pity Party Hypnotist, as her Meditation for Depression has become one of the most popular party offerings.

Sylvia was our Official Pity Party Party Pooper Person as she was simply too happy for a proper pity party. (Sadly, she has since passed away and is greatly missed by all of us.)

Many of these friendly folks are members or moderators of SD World, a free daily email list. See the ISN's Hope on the Horizon Flash movie lauding the praises of SD World, based on a poem by Fran Waranius (who has also since passed away.)

But you sure do not have to be a subscriber to SD World, or even have Scleroderma, in order to visit or submit entries to this virtual pity party.

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