International Medical Relief Agencies

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International Medical Relief Agencies


Every nonprofit agency in the U.S. has a different scope and mission, as defined and limited by the IRS. The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network is authorized to provide research, support, education and awareness for scleroderma and related illnesses.

However, we are not authorized to provide personal financial assistance for any reason, or to assist with amnesty or visas. We cannot make medical appointments, engage in political lobbying, assist with personal or class action lawsuits or disability claims, prescribe medications or treatments, import or export any medications or relief supplies, nor review personal medical records. Such needs are covered by other authorized nonprofit agencies, but each of them is necessarily limited in their scope and ability to help in a particular situation.

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International Medical Relief Agencies

Please contact these international medical relief agencies directly:

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Switzerland Tel: +41 (22) 849.84.00. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries. MSF.

Flying Doctors. USA Phone: 1-800-585-4568. Email: [email protected]. Helps improve the health and well-being of the peoples of Mexico and Central America through the provision of no-cost, high-quality healthcare and health education clinics in rural villages in northern Mexico (northern Sonora and Baja), El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras; and among migrant labor populations in the Coachella Valley of the southwestern United States (southern California). Flying Doctors.

Flying Doctors of America. USA Phone: 770-386-5221. Our mission is to provide medical assistance and hope to as many of the poor and needy as we are able to reach. We fly medical and dental teams to wherever the need takes us. Flying Doctors of America.

For Children: The Global Medical Relief Fund. USA Phone: 1-866-734-4673. Email: [email protected]. The GMRF is committed to bring hope and help to children who are missing or have lost use of their limbs, have been severely burned, or are otherwise damaged due to the atrocities of war, natural disaster or illness . The GMRF reaches out both locally and worldwide in search of children in desperate need, with little or no resources to better their condition. We prepare necessary travel documents for both child and guardian, and arrange transportation to the United States, where candidates are fitted with prosthetic limbs and receive medical and/or surgical care. We also provide the patient and his or her guardian room and board for the duration of convalescence. GMRF.

Paul O'Gorman Lifeline: UK. UK Phone +44 (0) 1798 831 982. The Lifeline project has been working for 11 years to try to save children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia suffering from life-threatening diseases who cannot be treated in their own countries . We bring these children to hospitals in the UK and Italy and over the last 11 years several hundred children have been treated. Treatment is expensive, often involving bone marrow or stem cell transplant, and typically costs 100,000 per patient. Lifeline UK.

(Italiano) Paul O'Gorman Lifeline: Italia. Padova, Italy Cell Phone +39 335 602 8602. Il progetto Lifeline sta lavorando da 11 anni per cercare di salvare i bambini dell'Est Europa e del Centro Asia che soffrono di malattie mortali e che non possono essere curati nei loro paesi. Lifeline Italia.

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