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ISN Sclero Forums Hosted Chats!

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Video: Scleroderma Hosted Chats

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Did you know that our ISN Sclero Forums hosts moderated Chat sessions throughout the week?

Our Chats enable you to come together and talk in real time with other patients and caregivers who you may have met on the forums and it doesn't have to be all about scleroderma!

Although the forum guidelines still apply in the Chat room, it's a more relaxed atmosphere and gives a greater opportunity for you to get to know the people you meet on Sclero Forums and for them to get to know you.

All Chat sessions are open to everyone, wherever you live, but you need to be a registered member of Sclero Forums, and be logged in, for the Chat room to activate and function.

For more information about Chats, brought to you by the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network please see our Sclero Chat Forum.

Simply register to join Sclero Forums (its free!), find the chat times listed in the Chat Subforum, and then come along and give it a go!

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