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Our nonprofit International Scleroderma Network offers a full range of support services for people who care about scleroderma and related illnesses. We provide the world's largest portal of quality medical information for scleroderma…plus blogs, books, brochures, photos, resource listings, stories, and videos.

For personal support, we operate a Scleroderma Hotline, answer email inquiries, and the marvelous Sclero Forums, with stellar, well-moderated support and top quality medical information.


Scleroderma Awareness BraceletDid you know you can help raise scleroderma awareness? The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network offers scleroderma awareness bracelets! Bracelets for just $2.50 each with free shipping and handling! They say "scleroderma" on one side and "" on the other. (Also see Get Scleroderma Awareness Bracelets)


Enjoy our Scleroderma Patient and Caregiver Blogs!


The Voices of Scleroderma book series is based on this website, and features articles by world scleroderma experts plus inspiring personal stories. It is great for patients and caregivers alike.


Scleroderma BrochureWhat in the world is Scleroderma? (.DOC/Word format) You may print this brochure (as many as you want) and give them to your family, friends, doctors, classmates, and clinics. It includes a handy systemic scleroderma symptom checklist! (Also see: What is Scleroderma?, Systemic Scleroderma Symptoms, and Scleroderma Symptom Checklist)


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ISN Guide to Scleroderma Experts. Many scleroderma patients seek a consultation with doctors who specialize in scleroderma. This is a great way to get information on the latest therapies available. ISN


Scleroderma Donations. We are a full-service scleroderma nonprofit charitable foundation, established in 2002. Your support helps us tackle scleroderma research, support, education and awareness. We send Sympathy acknowledgement cards for donations in memory. We also accept vehicle donations, providing free tow away for cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats (basically any motorized transport) in the U.S. and Canada! ISN


Scleroderma Forums Video
Video: Why I Love Sclero Forums

Presented by Amanda Thorpe
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Sclero Forums offers stellar and well-moderated online support groups for scleroderma and related symptoms or illnesses.

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Patients, caregivers, friends, family, and survivors are all welcome, all throughout the world! ISN


CoffeeOur scleroderma hotline is toll-free in the United States and Canada. It is 1-800-564-7099. Our hotline specialists are not medical professionals, so we cannot provide specific medical advice, but we can often steer you in the right direction. For specific health concerns, you will probably want to consult a listed scleroderma expert.

Our direct number (at your expense) for people outside the U.S. is 952-831-3091. Call today and ask for our free Welcoming Email!


We are here to help you! Email [email protected] with your questions, concerns or comments.


Browse our Sclero Forums Photo Gallery for images of members and scleroderma symptoms, or view our ISN Photo Repository for scleroderma symptom images and slideshows.


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Personal Stories

View Our Story Listings:
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Scleroderma Patient, Caregiver and Survivor Story Collection. Be inspired and learn about scleroderma from the world's largest collection of stories for scleroderma and related illnesses! ISN

Support Groups

Sclero Forums. Our worldwide online scleroderma support group is in session around the clock!

Worldwide Support Group Listings.


What is Scleroderma Video
Video: What is Scleroderma?

Presented by Isabella Ensz
*More Sclero Videos*

Scleroderma Video Series. We have produced a wide range of videos about scleroderma, including all the various types of scleroderma, and its symptoms. They are a great way to learn about scleroderma, and to enlighten others! ISN.

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