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Thank you for volunteering for the International Scleroderma Network. We offer to post a background page on the site for each of our volunteers. If you have been accepted as an ISN volunteer, use this form to have your page created, changed, or deleted.

Languages: Please submit this form in English. For translators, we will email you a copy of your completed form and ask you to translate it into your native language. We will correct spelling or grammar before we post your web page, but please proof it carefully when it is posted online. We always want your page(s) to be done to your satisfaction!

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We also want people to appreciate the talents and experience you bring to our team. So please include as much detail as you want, regarding your education or employment background.

Finally, people will want to know how you became involved with the International Scleroderma Network.

Example 1: My name is Dr. David Johnson and I am the ISN Greek Translator and ISN Greek Medical Editor. I am Chief of Rheumatology at Bigwig University in Zurich, Switzerland…

I graduated from BigTime University School of Medicine.

I have conducted several scleroderma studies, as follows…

The first scleroderma patient I met had a profound impact on my life and on my choice of a medical specialty, as I wanted to help combat this disease. I am happy to be a part of bringing more information about scleroderma to people in my native language, through my work with the ISN.

Example 2: Hello, I am Trudy Winters, your ISN Pulmonary Guide from Timbuktu. I was diagnosed with Diffuse Scleroderma in 1998. I used to work as a secretary for a major insurance company, but I had to retire on disability a few years ago. I enjoy reading mystery novels and gardening. My children help with a lot of household and garden chores because my hands are also badly affected by scleroderma.

I have Pulmonary Fibrosis, and I am on oxygen, which is why I chose to help as a Guide for the pulmonary pages. Please feel free to email me with any questions or information you may have on this topic.


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