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Hello, I am Dimitra Stafilia, the ISN Translator for ISN: Greek version. My mum has been suffering from scleroderma since 1992.

I started looking into her disease when I went to University. I visited the Royal Free Hospital in London and I wrote to the American Scleroderma Association. However, there was no documentation I could get hold of easily in Greek and there was no way to know whether her doctor was in touch with the latest developments or whether he performed the necessary tests.

I believe that the patient should be able to know about, question and agree on the treatment, and this was not happening in my mum's case. Thus my interest in translating the pages of ISN's SCLERO.ORG website, to give other Greek patients the opportunity to know a little bit more and to know that there are other people with similar problems.

As for myself, I am a qualified translator working as a project manager in London, who thinks that any academic or professional achievement is not enough, as I am not around to support my mother psychologically, so this is my small contribution.

You can read more about my personal story on this site at Dimitra Stafilia: Daughter of Systemic Scleroderma Patient (English Version) and Dimitra Stafilia: Greek Version. You may email me anytime.

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