Kishori Mundargi

ISN Translator for Kannada
and ISN Story Editor for English

Kannada is one of the 25 languages of India.

Greetings! I'm Kishori Mundargi, the ISN Translator for Kannada, which is one of the many languages of India. Please visit: ISN: Kannada Version.

I'm also an ISN Story Editor for English. I am from India but presently residing in the US. I have also edited many other pages of the website and checked links.

I took up volunteering for the ISN because I wanted to know more about scleroderma, and I want to provide better support for my sister who is suffering from scleroderma. I want to help my sister in establish a support group in India. Please read my sister's story Sujatha: Diffuse Scleroderma, Bangalore, India.

English is a common language in India but I am hoping that by translating some of the web pages into a local language like Kannada, scleroderma awareness will improve. Even the most educated are unaware of scleroderma, since there is more news in the media about diseases like Cancer, AIDS, and Diabetes.

I hope that by reading information on this web site, family members and friends of scleroderma patients will be more empathetic towards them.

In my role as ISN Story Editor for this website, I edit the spelling and grammar for patient and caregiver story submissions and research links for the stories

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