Dr. Mehmet Kalender

ISN Turkish Translator

We could not find any scleroderma information in our native language.
(English) Mehmet Kalender (Turkish) Mehmet Kalender


Hello, my name is Mehmet Kalender, and I am the ISN Turkish Translator. I have graduated from in Marmara University Medical School which is in Istanbul, Turkey.

My mom has scleroderma, and we could not find any scleroderma information in our native language, which is why I wanted to translate this site into Turkish. There are a lot of people who are affected by scleroderma in Turkey. There are also some countries in Central Asia where people speak Turkish, and by doing the translations I might help them, too.

I would also like to translate some of the studies involving scleroderma.

I began volunteering with the ISN in 2004. My 2015 update is that I became a cardiovascular surgeon ten years ago, and I am still an active ISN volunteer.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or information you may have on this topic.

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