SCLERO.ORG is retiring 4-24-2021. Thank you for the memories! You'll still find us in the Wayback Machine, and we'll carry your stories in our hearts forever.

ISN Team Members (A-Z Listing)


Abati, Angela
Acosta, Matilde
Aron, Torok
Balbir-Gurman, Dr. Alexandra
Barg, Gary
Black, Professor Carol
Bridgman, Ione
Carina, Iona
Castellanos, Francisco
Castro, Ana Celia
Catoggio, Dr. Luis
Crowley, Skylar
Czirják, Dr. László


Devlin, Judith Thompson
Distler, Dr. Oliver
Elsanousi, Dr. Yasir
Ensz, Shelley
Falcini, Dr. Fernanda
Foster, Dr. C. Stephen
Frowde, Jo


Hamann, Vanessa
Hasegawa, Maki
Hopkins, Linda
Howell, Kevin
Ionescu, Tudor
Iqbal, Dr. Asim
Irvin, Dr. Liz


Jackson, Jie
James, Jean
Jun, Dr. Jae-Bun
Justis, Serena
Kalender, Dr. Mehmet
Kraft, Susie
Kurzen, Françoise


Langenfeld, Carol
Lamoli-Torres, Edwin
Le Gendre, Susan
Lehman, Dr. Thomas
León, Alba
Lin, Dr. Hsiao-Yi
Lowe, Barbs
Lowe, Wayne
Lurtz, Krista (Romanian)


Magnani, Gwen
Mahmud, Dr. Tafazzul
Malcarne, Dr. Vanessa
Manns, Earl
Matucci-Cerinic, Dr. Marco
Mens, Ans
Miniati, Dr. Irene
Molitor, Dr. Jerry
Moorthy, Dr. L. Nandini
Mouthon, Dr. Luc
Müller-Ladner, Dr. Ulf
Myohanen, Emmi


Pope, Dr. Janet


Roland, Pamela
Sato, Dr. Shinichi
Seminara, Lynda
Simms, Dr. Robert
Smith, Dr. Roy
Sralla, Patty S.
Sridharan, Banumathy
Stafilia, Dimitra
Strong, Sandy
Strong, Sid


Thorpe, Amanda
Thorpe, Michael
Trewartha, Judy
Trojanowska, Dr. Maria
Van den Hoogen, Dr. Frank
Varghese, Tony
Willis, Janey
Ydler, Luis

In Loving Lasting Memory Of

ISN Volunteers

Carpenter, Jill
Davidoff, Dina
Ensz, Gene
Korn, Dr. Joseph
Knaggs, Sherrill
LaTourelle, Nolan
Paulmenn, Janet
Roothoff, Craig
Tarro, Judy

Active: Need Rep Form

These active volunteers (including contributing experts for our books) are invited to have an ISN profile page made by submitting an ISN Team Members Form.

Castro, Ana Celia
Ionescu, Tudor
Langenfeld, Carol
Lin, Dr. Hsiao-Yi
Mens, Ans
Simms, Dr. Robert
Van den Hoogen, Dr. Frank
Ydler, Luis

Inactive or Retired from ISN

Are you ready to restart? We are eager to welcome you back! Simply email us to reactivate!

Becker, David
Bulman, Lisa
Dickson, Stephen
Doom, Sheryl
Falcini, Dr. Fernanda
Gardner, Bunny
Hassan, Yunus
Jacques, Jaqueline
Lurtz, Krista
Maddoux, Carrie
Magnani, Gwen
McClelland, Jeannie
Mundargi, Kishori
Nolan, Heidi
Novotny, Jordana
Passoni, Gianalberto
Roar, Penny
Sadiq, Saba
Stanley, Erin
Volz, Lisa
Wanzala, Justus Bahati
Young, Sherry Jo

Heartfelt Thanks

If you have ever served the cause of scleroderma in any way, anywhere in the world, we thank you tremendously!
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