Scleroderma: Hope on the Horizon

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Scleroderma: Hope on the Horizon (Version 3) is a 2-minute must-see FLASH movie for visitors, members and supporters of our website, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network (and the 9th anniversary of our SCLERO.ORG website).

SD World Poem by Fran Waranius (In Loving Memory)

This flash movie is based on a poem, "SD World" which is reprinted in its entirety and with the written permission of Fran Waranius. Fran was a patient and a member of the former SD World Email List which was run by Judy Tarro. Both Fran and Jude (Jude the Grouch) have passed away from scleroderma.

Hope on Horizon: Original Movie Version

The 2001 version of this movie, produced by Shelley Ensz, originally promoted SD World Email List. The email list was founded by Judy Tarro, Sylvia Finegan, and Lyn Warnholz. Jude and Sylvia have since passed away, and Lyn has retired from list moderating.

In Memory of Sylvia Finegan

Sylvia Finegan, very well known and loved in our online community as the co-moderator of the former SD World email list, passed away on 10-30-03. She will be very deeply missed by all who knew her. 10-30-03.

FLASH Animation

Scleroderma: Hope on the Horizon's FLASH Animation was created by Shelley Ensz, who is President of the International Scleroderma Network. The movie includes all original copyrighted photography, animation, and artwork.

Page Notes

Movie updated 01/24/13. SLE.

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